Opt-in to Extended Overdraft Coverage today!

We’ve all had unexpected issues like a delayed paycheck that causes our balance to be lower than we thought, but we still need to use our debit card for necessities like buying groceries or putting gas in the car. MTCU can authorize and pay those purchases even though they will overdraw your account.  

You can review the consent form titled ‘What You Need to Know About Overdrafts and Overdraft Fees’ Here. Extend your Overdraft Privilege coverage to your ATM and debit card transactions simply by completing the form and sending it in.

If you chose to not have the extended coverage, and an amount of an ATM or Debit card transaction exceed your current balance, the transaction may be declined. Many times when transactions exceed the available balance it is considered an “unauthorized overdraft”.  When there are unauthorized overdrafts a debit card may be suspended.

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