Send money long distances in a very short time.

Need to seal a business deal? Or lock in a special purchase? In today's world, time is often of the essence. Mailing a check might be too slow. With a wire transfer, you can move money in a hurry. It's safe, secure and surprisingly affordable.

Cash In A Flash

Here's how MTCU can help you send and receive electronic wire transfers:
  • Incoming Wires: Our members in Midland, Texas, and beyond can wire money anywhere in the U.S. for a minimal fee. The following information is needed: Name, account number, amount of wire, time wire sent (obtainable from sending institution) and reference number (obtainable from sending institution).
  • Outgoing Wires: Wire money anywhere in the U.S. for a minimal fee. We'll require your PIN number for all phone/vocal requests for outgoing wires. If a PIN is not available, a wire request form must be signed.
  • International Wires: Move money just about anywhere in the world. The destination will determine the cost.
  • Western Union Wires: Send money to an individual at Western Union offices nationwide. The deadline for next-day-delivery is 4 p.m. and a fee is charged per wire. The person receiving the Western Union wire must say it is coming from Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union in Plano, Texas. They must also present ID, which exactly matches the recipient name on the wire.

Wire Instructions

To wire money to a member's account at MTCU, use the following information:

Wire to: Catalyst Corporate FCU, Plano, TX ABA #311990511

Credit to: MTCU Account #316386489

Final Credit to: Member's name and account number

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